Process of Painting: Sea Turtle

Hand-painted illustration of a sweet little sea turtle by

Hello, dear art lovers. Today I present one more painting process, this time featuring a charming little turtle. Initially conceived for apparel design, this piece marks a shift in my approach. I've traditionally immersed myself in intricate details, dedicating countless hours to each creation. But with apparel printing, many of these meticulous nuances become invisible. So, I took a leap, reimagining my style and embracing simplicity.

This cute sea turtle is my first work of this kind. In my eyes, it is perfectly simple and still unique. Adorned with a galaxy motif, it's a nod to my passion for the cosmos, stars, and far-off galaxies. I hope this artful turtle graces your attire and brings a touch of joy. As always, painted in Procreate.

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