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A Place Where I Love to Paint

Motif with a cute lazy sloth in the office available on slothtee.de

Hello, dear art lovers. Allow me to share a unique artistic experience with you. I've previously mentioned my penchant for painting in restaurants, drawing inspiration from the ambiance and conversations that follow a tasty meal. On this particular occasion, I found myself at the exquisite Qomo restaurant in Düsseldorf, a cherished gem in our local dining scene. It's perched in the iconic Rhein Tower, affording breathtaking views of the picturesque city of Düsseldorf, nestled 172 meters above the ground.

As I settled into this remarkable setting, eager to start painting, an unexpected twist unfolded. The restaurant had to be evacuated due to a false fire alarm, interrupting my artistic process. Nevertheless, I wanted to share my progress with you, even if it's just a fragment of the intended artwork. The accompanying photo shows the sloth's head, which I had managed to complete before the evacuation. A part of the sloth's suit was painted after the fire alarm at Qomo, as we were allowed to come back.

This cute and lovable sloth has now assumed the name "Slothtee," a fusion of "sloth" and "tee." He has found a new home in his very own online shop, slothtee.de. I'm thrilled to share that as of this moment, the Slothtee shop has garnered the smiles of more than 220 happy customers. For additional insights into Slothtee's journey and a deeper dive into my portfolio, please feel free to explore the dedicated section on my website and visit slothtee.de. In both locations, you can find a video showing the painting process.

Thank you for being a part of Slothtee's adventure, and I look forward to creating more art to inspire and delight you.

iPad showing a cute sloth from slothtee.de in the restaurant Qomo in Rhein Tower Duesseldorf, where the sloth was painted