Set of watercolor graphics “Meadow Magic”

Hand-painted graphic set "Meadow Magic" by - unique watercolor paintings of meadow flowers

One day I asked myself what kind of a graphic set I would like to create. Meadow flowers! This answer came immediately into my mind. Why actually am I so attached to the meadow theme? Well... I would say, because of my childhood, as meadow flowers were accompanying me in its happiest moments.

I remember my 10th birthday which I spent with my grandparents in our tiny summer house. My parents were at work in the city, they planned to come in the evening. On the morning that day, my grandma gave me the scissors and sent me out to cut some flowers for a birthday bouquet. So I was out thinking about my task which was to create a combination of flowers looking well together. I decided just to follow my heart and took cornflowers, sweet william, blue bells, cosmeas and some greenery. These were the flowers I loved most of all, and I wasn't thinking about color combinations, right length or proportions of green like I would probably do now. And my combination still turned out really gorgeous and memorable, I would even say magical.
And this is how this set was created. I like color theory very much, but I decided not to think about anything except the choice of flower motifs I really love. I know, this episode from my childhood is probably not important for the future users of my graphics. But I do believe that the emotions one has during creation give the paintings something special and warm.
So this is my set of meadow magic from now - a combination of the flowers I love and would pick today for a bouquet. But this time it is in form of paintings, all in flowing watercolors with a decent touch of light, and not for my birthday, but for a someone else's festive occasion, maybe even yours.

P.S. I will write a post on Instagram telling why I have added the dog.