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My oil galleries

Miniature oil painting of an iris on an agate stone by Schoenewald.art, this technique is also known as lack miniature

My real oil miniature paintings on stones

Oil painting started for me with miniatures as I learned to apply the Russian Fedoskino technique on stones. I was lucky to spend my childhood in the very beautiful city of St. Petersburg. My taste and interest for design were influenced by this place, which is full of manifestations of human creativity in the form of paintings, sculpture, architecture and art objects. I have seen the Russian miniatures as parts of historical jewels and art objects for the first time in the Hermitage Museum. I saw and bought my first jewelry piece with a miniature in 2013. Since then, my excitement for miniature painting has been constantly growing. The vision of painting miniature myself seemed unreachable for quite a long time. However, at the end of 2016 this seemingly unimaginable scenario came true - I was able to complete an in-depth miniature painting course in Germany. Until today, I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity to my teacher and my husband - two people who made this life-changing learning possible. My first miniature paintings were copies of some famous artworks. Painting miniatures helped me to understand the way I would like to work with oil. Today I use all the same techniques and paint digitally. The gallery below shows examples of my very first works.