Tatiana Schoenewald’s Portfolio

Welcome by Schoenewald.art

My name is Tatiana and I love to paint with watercolor, oil and pastel. My paintings are dedicated to my son, Leonard Neal, who is still a baby. I paint for him, when he sleeps. Sometimes I show him my work and he reacts in a delightful funny way.

Beautiful print of an iris as hand-painted watercolor painting by Schoenewald.art
Hand-painted watercolor of an iris on Schoenewald.art

I started to paint as a child. In my childhood I had no gadgets, internet and sometimes not even a TV. So I spent most of my free time reading and painting, sometimes with friends. My intention was to create mostly realistic paintings of what I saw around me and I incorporated whatever medium I could find. I even tried to paint with juice from different berries. My paintings were judged by my grandfather with score points. I suppose that is why I am a perfectionist regarding my work and why I put all my effort into every single motif. Often I repaint my old works integrating new knowledge and skills as I keep learning and experimenting all the time. This is the reason why I have never released my drawings and paintings online before, always keeping in mind that I could improve them someday. But now I feel the moment is right to put some of my work online. This website is where my portfolio is going to live, so, please, be welcomed.