Portrait of Catherine, the Princess of Wales

Portrait of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of Wales (former Kate Middleton)

Hello, dear art lovers. Today, I'd love to share the journey behind one of my most challenging digital paintings: a portrait of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Drawing inspiration from the same reference photo used for the renowned National Gallery portrait by Paul Emsley, I was intrigued to craft my own interpretation.

It's likely that this reference was handpicked by the Duchess herself, adding an extra layer of significance to the project. However, a significant hurdle was the limited resolution of the available reference photo, which was no larger than a half postcard. The details were nearly indiscernible. To fill in the gaps, I referred frequently to the video about the creation of the National Gallery's portrait, where the photo was showcased. Painting Catherine from a picture no larger than a half-sized postcard proved to be an arduous and demanding task. I can proudly attest that I gave my absolute best to this endeavor and successfully completed it.

My mission was not just to replicate, but to imbue this digital artwork with the depth and texture characteristic of oil paintings. Stay tuned for updates on how the cotton canvas print captures this essence.

This piece represents a visible milestone in my journey of growth as a digital artist, a testament to my determination to surmount artistic challenges. It will hold a place of honor in our home.

I kindly ask for your understanding and leniency in assessing this portrait. It stands as one of the first portraits I've embarked upon, and I'm eager to continue refining my craft as I progress in my skills. Thank you for joining me on this artistic voyage.

Digital Oil on Gemstones

For those who share my deep appreciation for the rich allure of oil paintings, I invite you to delve into my portfolio page featuring my digital oil art upon gemstones collection. This innovative blend of vivid oils and the natural beauty of stones creates a harmonious dance of color and texture. Truly a one-of-a-kind artistic concept, each piece celebrates the unique union of paint and gem. Experience this unparalleled artistry for yourself.

Some impressions