Portraits of beautiful women

Woman in blue - Watercolor art piece on

Hello, dear art lovers. I see a lot of visitors of my blog from all over the world. Thank you very much for this. It is great to know, that someone reads the notes about my art and my way as an artist. Today I would like to introduce my new watercolor painting of a beautiful woman. It is a repaint of my earlier work and probably one of the best watercolor pieces I painted so far. The artwork has a really high resolution, but please don't wonder, the image above has reduced quality.

Another very important piece of news is that I have finally opened a shop on It is one of my favorite platforms with a wide selection of products and nice customization options. I decided to upload my art pieces which belong to my four favorite themes: animals (cute animals art, northern lights art), flowers, ballerinas, and portraits of beautiful women (beautiful woman art). Among the last - my new artwork you can see above - "Beautiful woman in blue".

On you can also find the biggest selection of the products from my unique collection "Oil on labradorite". I hope you will enjoy those.

A place where I love to paint

Hello, dear art lovers. I have already written that I love to paint in restaurants after a meal and conversation. This time I was painting in Qomo in Düsseldorf, which is one of my favorite restaurants in our surrounding area. I was painting this cute sloth.

From this restaurant in Rhein Tower at the height of 172 meters, you can see the beautiful city of Düsseldorf. This time I could not paint a lot because of the evacuation due to a false fire alarm, but I would like to post my progress here just to remember. The video shows the process of painting the head I finished earlier. In Qomo I finished the suit. The cute tired sloth in the office is available as poster and apparel design in my Spreadshirt shop.

About criticism

We all come from there - from our childhood. Sometimes the child in me wants to present my work to my mother and hopes to receive recognition... And sometimes I show it. My mother's reaction is always different. If she is in a good mood, she may say, my work is quite alright, but she would do some things differently. In other cases I hear from her:"I am not interested in your damn work". Or she asks me why I am doing nothing again when I paint. Every week I listen to my mother telling me that I am wasting my time on painting and she is predicting that my husband will leave me, because I don't cook for him and paint instead.

Sometimes I ask myself: "What may I have achieved by now if my parents were supportive?" Would I be more successful in my business if my mother did not tell me over and over again that no one needs what I design and I should stop spending my time and resources on it, or if my father did not say "all I have to care about is my child"? Would I be further ahead, if it did not take days to regain my motivation and inspiration every single time after hearing those words from my parents? I suppose every artist is going his or her own way in terms of learning, developing creativity and business, and criticism doesn't help. It rather hurts and clips our wings. You do not earn thousands of dollars from day one of being an artist. You have to invest time and money in equipment and learning. So, dear visitor, please be an encourager. The world has enough critics already.

Process of painting: Turtle

Process of painting of a sweet little turtle by

Hello, dear art lovers. Here is another process of painting, this time of a sweet little turtle. It is the first design I painted with the intention to create an apparel design. I have always been painting with a lot of details spending endless hours on every single work. While printing on apparel, most of those so carefully painted details become imperceptible, so I decided to experiment with my style, leave my comfort zone and simplify some forms.

This cute sea turtle is my first work of this kind. In my eyes, it is perfectly simple and still unique. With the galaxy on its back, I wanted to show my love for space, stars, and galaxies. I hope this little painted creature will find its place onto your clothes and spread some joy. As always, painted in Procreate.

Portrait of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge

Portrait of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (former Kate Middleton) by

Hello, dear art lovers. Today I would like to tell you about this portrait of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, which was the biggest digital painting challenge for me so far. I decided to use the same photo reference as the famous National Gallery portrait by Paul Emsley was painted from. I suppose this reference was chosen by the Duchess herself, so I wanted to take a stab at this memorable photo. The problem was the availability of the reference. The photograph could only be found in a really tiny size.

I practically couldn't see any details on it, so I kept checking the video of the National Gallery portrait creation, where the photo was shown. Painting Catherine from a picture of a half postcard size was very challenging and difficult for me, but I can say that I did my very best and managed to finish it. It was important for me to give this digital artwork the look of an oil painting. I will give an update on how the cotton canvas print brings out the oil painting look. The depiction is a visible step toward improvement and overcoming difficulties on my path to becoming a digital artist, and it will find an honorable place in our home. Please, do not judge it too harshly, as it is one of the first portraits I have ever painted.

Process of painting: Raccoon

Hand-painted watercolor of a sweet little raccoon by

Hello, dear art lovers. Unlike other artists, I don't like to post my processes. I have some reasons for that. The exported timelapse videos have quite bad quality. Also, I don't know how to compress quite heavy video files without quality loss. So this post will probably be a rare one with a whole process of painting.

This time I was painting a very sweet little raccoon under the guidance of Evgenia Solovjeva. First I made the brush study which I make for almost every motif. I strive to get a very good feeling for the properties of my digital brushes and use a different brush combination every time to make my works more interesting and support my improvement in digital painting. During the brush study, I also painted the eye. The eyes are most important for me in every painting, so I paint them with great attention to detail.

I classically painted the whole work in several steps moving from basic forms to more and more details. As always I was not copying but primarily creating a work in my own style painting light and paying attention to color combination. I hope you enjoy the video.

P.S. I think one couldn't tell if this watercolor is painted on paper or digitally.

My IPad Pro and Procreate Story

The apple pencil with the name of my son I paint my works with

Hello, dear art lovers. Today I am writing a couple of words about my Procreate and IPad Pro story. I ordered my IPad Pro on the 30th of May 2021. It was a decision after a couple of months of evaluating, as an IPad Pro is expensive. I was going to use it for digital painting, so the first thing I did after I got it was to purchase Procreate App. This day is the day I want to remember - the 9th of July 2021.

So that Friday I opened Procreate for the first time and tried some included brushes. I can describe my first impression like that: I just couldn't believe I would be able to paint something with this device and this app. Well, things changed. I can paint in Procreate now and I am really enjoying it. I am grateful that I found motifs that I enjoy painting so much, and there are people in this world who wear my paintings on their clothes or give them a place on the wall in their homes. I also love the possibility to take my IPad with me to a restaurant and paint for a couple of minutes after a meal and conversation. Painting is like meditation!

On the 6th of April, my husband and I were in Frankfurt, and I painted a bit after our meal. The floral design I created is already out there worn by a girl or a woman from Germany. I am so grateful and glad to paint with so much love and joy, and Apple and Procreate are two companies that give me this possibility. Thank you so much!

P.S. The picture underneath is from our favorite restaurant in Frankfurt taken on the 6th of April, the other one is a snapshot from my quite new painting of the 15th of April 2022. The name on my Apple Pencil is of my son, as well as the name of my german spreadshop.

Hand-painted watercolor of a sweet little sloth by
Tbt photo from our favourite restaurant in Frankfurt where I love to paint

Official sleepshirt with a cute sloth is released

Offilcial sleepshirt with a cute sloth by

Hello, dear art lovers. Yesterday I have released my second Official Sleepshirt. The cute sloth on it was painted with joy and inspiration, as well as with great love for details - as usual... The designs are perfectly optimized for printing, separately for light and dark apparel. You can buy the 4 variations of the design in my shops on, and redbubble. I hope, you will enjoy this sweet and adorable design as much as I do, because I am going to order it for myself too.

Astro cats series is released

Hello, dear art lovers. Today I would like to announce the release of a small funny series of Astro cats. I had a lot of joy creating these designs for all lovers of space and cats. There are so many different cats, so I decided to paint four different ones so that you can choose which one is the sweetest for you. I painted the cats first, then the helmet with cute cat ears. Then I placed every cat into the helmet. I will show the cats inside without the space costume on my Instagram. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You can buy all 8 variations of astro cats in my shops on, and redbubble.

P.S. Which one of 4 is your favorite cat?

Update 26th of April 2022: today I became an Astronaut on Just a tiny note to remember :).

Paintings in February

Illustration to the blog post "Painings in February" on

Hello, dear art lovers. I am writing this text almost one month too late. The reason for my delay is what happened at the end of February and changed the world forever. Most of my February was a productive and creative month, so I decided to make up for my planned #tbt record and publish my paintings of the month.

First I finished my painting of a baby snow leopard in northern lights, which is the 4th work featuring polar lights I love so much and the 6th watercolor in my "Fairy Winter" series. Prints of this painting are also available on and One more motif with Aurora Boreale is already planned, it's going to be another seal.

Furthermore, I have finished a new work called "Spirit of Coffee", which is inspired by miniatures of Evgenia Belousova. The oil painting on labradorite stone shows a cup of coffee with a spirit of a young fox with wings. Two more works in the same style are planned, but I don't think I will be painting them any time soon. So far, the "Spirit of Coffee" is a part of my oil series on labradorite which is realized on and The whole series will be presented in a separate blog post.

Oil painting "Spirit of coffee" by

I also worked on more motifs from my "Meadow Magic" collection. Here you can see new creations: as T-Shirt designs and as prints (posters). Shop them in my Spreadshirt stores.