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Set of Watercolor Graphics “Meadow Magic”

Hand-painted graphic set "Meadow Magic" by Schoenewald.art - unique watercolor paintings of meadow flowers

Hello, dear art lovers. In 2021, I crafted a series of watercolors I've titled "Meadow Magic." While they're not featured on products just yet, I invite you to journey with me back to the inspirations behind these early pieces.

This blog post was written in 2021 and was moved from my old website.

The meadow, with its vibrant hues and serene ambiance, always held a special place in my heart. The reason? A cherished childhood memory. On my 10th birthday, nestled in our quaint summer house, my grandmother handed me scissors and set me on a quest: gather flowers for a birthday bouquet. Without the weight of technicalities, I was guided solely by affection. I chose cornflowers, sweet william, blue bells, cosmeas, and a touch of greenery – all my favorites. As a child, I never fussed over colors or proportion. Yet, that bouquet remains one of the most enchanting I've ever made. Some might even call it magic.

That very magic inspired this set. While I'm now familiar with the intricacies of color theory, for this piece, I let my heart lead. I painted not just what looked good, but what felt right and resonated with my soul. While the story behind the paintings might not be essential to every viewer, I believe it’s the emotions infused during creation that give art its soulful warmth.

So here’s "Meadow Magic" - a tribute to the flowers of my past and present. Today, these flowers bloom not in a vase, but on canvas — awash in vibrant watercolors and kissed by light. And while they were once for my birthday, now they have a chance to grace your celebrations, becoming a part of your cherished moments.

P.S. In this blog post, I unfold the myriad possibilities of this watercolor collection. From wrapping paper that makes a gift even more special, to wallpapers that transform spaces, to posters that make a statement, down to business cards that leave a lasting impression - discover the magic and versatility of each brushstroke. Join me in celebrating art's potential in everyday items.

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