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My second collection – Transparency – Inspired by X-Ray Photography

Fragment of a hand-painted watercolor of a tulip from the "Transparency" series by Schoenewald.art

Hello, dear art lovers. I'm delighted to unveil my early creative endeavor - "Transparency," my second set of paintings. This collection finds its muse in a series of X-ray photographs of flowers that captured my imagination some years back. In "Transparency," I explore the art of rendering flowers in an ethereal manner. In this unique style, I bring you a stunning display of delicate, translucent blooms digitally painted in the medium of watercolor, gently illuminated by a soft backlight.

What draws me to this style is the interplay of two elements: my deep admiration for the transparent nature of watercolors and my fascination with light, the very essence that allows us to perceive transparency itself. As is customary, each creation in this collection comes with its own short narrative, offering a glimpse into the creative journey behind its inception. Stay tuned for these stories.

As you maybe know, all my works are painted digitally. I was testing and tweaking on brushes to achieve the effect I had in mind for "Transparency" quite for a long time. I ended up using the "Kingston beach" texture from the Procreate Lab. If you ask yourself what I am talking about: my digital brush works so that this texture is slightly visible in the middle of the tulip petals. And what do you think? A tiny spot of the Kingston beach in Australia full of shells and footprints is now a part of my painting! Do you see those small inclusions on tulip petals? Could this be the footprints of Procreate founders?

Your invitation to wander through my garden of artistry awaits. Explore the "flowers" tag on my blog or immerse yourself in a bouquet of my creations by visiting the portfolio page, showcasing my watercolor flower art.

Some impressions