Process of Painting: Raccoon

Hand-painted watercolor of a sweet little raccoon by

Hello, dear art lovers. The birth of my son ignited a newfound passion for charming children's motifs in my art. Inspired by the desire to decorate his nursery with my creations and craft art that he can like, I present to you a day's labor.

This time I was painting a very sweet little raccoon under the guidance of Evgenia Solovjeva. First I made the brush study which I make for almost every motif. I strive to get a very good feeling for the properties of my digital brushes and use a different brush combination every time to make my works more interesting and support my improvement in digital painting. During the brush study, I also painted the eye. The eyes are most important for me in every painting, so I paint them with great attention to detail.

I classically painted the whole work in several steps moving from basic forms to more and more details. As always I was not copying but primarily creating a work in my own style painting light and paying attention to color combination. I hope you enjoy the video.

P.S. I think one couldn't tell if this watercolor is painted on paper or digitally.

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