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My iPad and Procreate Story

The apple pencil with the name of my son I paint my works with

Hello, dear art lovers. Today I am writing a couple of words about my Procreate and IPad Pro story. I ordered my IPad Pro on the 30th of May 2021. It was a decision after a couple of months of evaluating, as an IPad Pro is expensive. I was going to use it for digital painting, so the first thing I did after I got it was to purchase Procreate App. This day is the day I want to remember - the 9th of July 2021.

So that Friday I ventured into Procreate and explored its array of brushes. To be honest, I was skeptical at first – could I really create art in this app? But fast forward to today, and I'm not only painting in Procreate but genuinely reveling in the process. It's been a joy discovering motifs that resonate deeply with me and knowing that my artwork now adorns both apparel and walls of many. The portability of my iPad means I can indulge in a brief artistic escape, even amidst a meal at a restaurant. To me, painting is pure meditation.

There's also joy in the portability – taking my iPad to a cafe and capturing a few moments of creation post-dinner is pure bliss. To me, painting is a form of meditation.

On a memorable day, the 6th of April, while in Frankfurt, I painted after a delightful meal at our favourite Japanese restaurant "Here". That very floral design now graces the attire of someone in Germany. I'm endlessly thankful for the joy and love I pour into my art. A heartfelt thank you to both Apple and Procreate for making this possible.

P.S. Leonard Neal is my son's name, and he's the inspiration behind many of my creations. Delve deeper into the collection "Sweet Themes for Children" inspired by his arrival and uncover the touching narratives behind each art piece.

Tbt photo from our favourite restaurant in Frankfurt where I love to paint